Meet our dedicated team of professionals.

Our creative and talented team

A Rashid

A. Rashid

Founder & Director

A young and dynamic indivdual with 10 years of internet industry behind him, Mr Rashid (as we like to call him) is the vision behind Websta. Educated in Information Systems and Multimedia he is a leader by example and has quietly helped small businesses go big.

T Sagoo

T. Sagoo

Lead Designer

The nib of his pen is razor sharpe like a sword, such is the detail Tanveer produces in his work. A highly talented desinger, he has worked on design projects from a plethora of industries and has gained a huge amount of respect for his work.

F Adam

F. Adam

Lead Analyser

Mr Adam is lead researcher in discovering trends, keywords and competition benchmarking. He has lead businesses in the UK and the Middle East. His analytical approach and attention to detail has proven invaluable to Websta's success.

I Mia

I. Mia

Customer Care

Innaiya is part of our customer care team and aslo a social sprout. Her knowledge of social networks really does help her understand what people are saying and feeling, allowing her to deliver excellent customer care to all she has contact with.

Get to know our team with some fun facts!


Industry Leaders

"I am" is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

Lovers of design & code

The self-taught hacker is often considered to be motivated.

Have you seen our office cat?

They tend to be attracted by challenges and excited by toys.

Did we mention we love coffee?

Yelling for 8 years, 7 months & 6 days is enough sound energy to heat one cup.

Our secret: teamwork

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

We like to keep meetings informal

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

Some of our skills

Concepting & Planning 80%
PPC 90%
Creative Design 45%
Customer Support 100%

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission is to help business grow whether in size, product range or revenue by achieving their objectives through digital marketing.

Ensuring a high level of satisfaction has allowed Websta to emerge into what makes a firm desirable to be affiliated with. Every business is unique, thus every solution must be delivered with thorough understanding. Our focus towards clientele and their varying requirements is what allows us to develop - and that is where Websta go that extra mile (Amin Rashid, – Founder & Manager of Websta).

Why Choose us?

We pride ourselves for our honesty, integrity, warmth, knowledge and doing the best we can for our clients. Giving each project a personal approach, we like to build long term relationships with our clients, enabling to have trust with our service, year in and year out.

As with any organisation, Websta is on a learning curve. With every project, with every idea and with every meeting, just like you, we learn a little more. Websta continues to grow and incorporates all lessons learnt – thus always updating skill level to be in a leading position in the industry and at the forefront of today’s industry standards.