We try our best to make our site inclusive.

Websta endeavours for this site to be accessible to all users. At present there exits two well known issues that prevent it being compliant to AA standards. The first issue is with the contrast of some of our web page headings. For example the 'W' in Websta is blue in some areas. Changing the colour of this letter will break the colour scheme of our website and some branding areas of our company. However, it is an area we are looking at to change in the future, allowing users with colour contrasting issues to benefit from our website. Another issue is with the contact form and blog comment form. The 'label' html tag is not fully optimised to appreciate accessibilty standards to AA level. During testing stage we tried many possibilties to achieve the correct form for accessibilty standards. However, we found that it broke the layout of those particular pages and created functionalty problems for what we were trying to create. We request you accept our sincere apologies for not making this feature completely accessible and we are sorry if you have experienced difficulties in using these forms. On the PPC Methodolgy page the correct convention for using html header tags is not followed. The reason being is that there are number of headings using the header tag and having all them follow in order would mean that some headings become too small for readers without screen readers to read. The H6 header is rather small, therefore no H tag is smaller than H4. We are trying to find a suitable way to represent our content so that it follows the correct convention according to the agreed standards.

If you have any questions or issues about our accessibilty compliance or wish to know more regarding accessibilty standards please email us at