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How long are your contracts?

Initial contracts for PPC services are three months with the choice to continue at the end of the third. At present, all new customers have a special 2 month free management offer.

Admin fees to begin PPC campaigns range from £500-£1000. Beyond this, there is a management fee that is based monthly. The amount is dependant on your advertising spend.

We can deliver PPC campaigns on both Bing and Google, though our speciality and experience is with Google Adwords.

By all means. If you have produced image design work that you wish us to implement on your campaigns, we'll be more than happy to do so. This can also reduce the admin costs.

Web Design Costs?

We base our costs around your budget. So what ever your budget is for acquiring a new website, we will try to find a solution.

Hand coded websites render much faster in web browers as it removes much of the common cluster found in many websites. It is also a superior method to implement standards such as accessibility requirments.

PPC/CPM is far quicker than any other form of digital marketing to account for return on investment