4 World Cup Trends

The FIFA World Cup is just under two months away, but the world’s greatest sporting event is not just about putting the ball in the back of the net, it also has huge economic and social score lines too.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be the 20th installment of the tournament that started way back in 1930. It will be competed by 32 teams from 4 continents and is expected to have an average viewer number of 1 billion people for prime matches.

The world cup is football’s pilgrimage and Brazil, for many fans, is the spiritual home of football as they have won the tournament the most with glamour and awe (sorry Wembley).

The commercialization of football needs no mention but to name a few major stakeholders would be television, sports manufacturers and beverages.

With the internet the way it is – an essential part of life, much of the showbiz around the world cup will of course occur online. During World Cup 2010 Twitter experienced almost 3000 tweets per second. A staggering rise from its average of 7501.

Okay, thats enough background information to start raking your eyes and throwing darts at my name. So what are the trends we can expect to happen online and how can they be money bait.


  1. Player Names

Christiano Ronaldo was the most tweeted about player in World Cup 2010, scoring highest on a points tally compiled by ‘what the trend’.

How can you monetize player names then? Well products of course. Player shirts, various merchandise related to the player’s name be it football boots, jogging pants etc. According to the SportsOneSource Group (an industry research firm) $35 million dollars of World Cup merchandise was sold in the US during World Cup 20102.

  1. Vuvuzela

How can we forget the Vuvuzela? The long annoying horn, probably the most memorable aspect of South Africa 2010 and memorable for those that cashed in on it too. Sainsbury’s reported that it sold 22,000 red Vuvuzelas before England’s match with the USA3.

If you’re a retailer of goods you should be on the look out for World Cup specific products. Are there items in Brazil that you can discover and sell to your local market that others haven’t caught onto yet? Set some budget aside for any potential offering and have your sales team ready for when one comes about.

  1. World Cup Ball

A quick look at Google Trends shows that the search queries for ‘2010 Fifa Ball’ and ‘Jubalani Ball’ were hot topics online, scoring a rating of 100 and 30 respectively on Google Trends. By region the second most popular location these searches happened was the UK, scoring 88 on Google Trends interest rating.

Again just like the Vuvuzela but more of a dead certain, the World Cup ball is going to be on many peoples shopping list especially lads that like a kick around in the park. Can you discover that demographic on social media? I’m sure you can and the display advertising potential on football related websites will of course be there. Be quick to act in finding media buys if you have such products in your army of sellable items.

  1. Holidays

Again from Google Trends, Brazil holidays is starting to trend with an interest rating of 45 at present. Brazil is going to be the want away destination of 2014 and of course those serious about supporting their teams would have planned in advance but there are always those last minute maniacs that your offerings will appeal to.

To discover trends for your self have a try using Google Trends and services like ‘What The Trend.’ They are very beneficial for future planning.


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