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PPC (Pay Per Click) is the most commonly known form of online advertising. Paying only when potential customers click your advertisement can be extremely cost effective. Everyday millions of queries are entered into the major international search engines in hope of finding answers to questions related to products and services. Using advertising platforms provided by the major search engines gives you, as a provider of products and services, a major opportunity to engage with your potential customers at high visibility.


The most popular paid online marketing service is Google Adwords. Google is the largest search engine in the world and processes millions of unique search queries each day.It also has an extensive array of partner sites that display ads from advertisers using Google’s Adwords service.

Adverts can be text, image and video based, giving you the choice to extend your brand in the most suitable form you believe in.

Key Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay only when your ads are clicked (PPC) - Never exceed your monthly budget

  • Extremely accountable return on investment (ROI) - Location targeting

  • Display ads at set times

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PPC With Websta

At Websta we have flexible pricing models as part of our internet marketing services. Our PPC agency solutions are based around your advertising budget, so whether you want to spend in the thousands our hundreds, we can have a solution for you. Our campaign creation fees start from £500-700.

This covers areas from keyword research, account set up to landing page optimisation. At present we are offering the first 2 months service free, for all new clients so feel free to contact us for a no obligation qoute.

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Why 6 Steps?

Websta believe in simplifying the PPC process as it can become complex. Explaining our approach in six steps makes it easy to understand to the customer, allowing them to evaluate the transparency of their service. Lastly, it's a process that can be repeated over again for any new products or services you wish to market and achieve results.

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Performance Metrics

Each PPC (Search Marketing) campaign begins with understanding your business and objectives. By understanding these elements, we can establish performance metrics to set as a benchmark. As part of our agency service we use these metrics to structure the whole advertising campaign. Knowing how many visitors you want to your site, from which regions or how much revenue before advertising cost makes sense is essential in delivering the details of the campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is probably the most fundamental task in managing a search marketing campaign that is targeting users looking for products or services using search engines. Finding the best words which relate to your offering that can attract the right amount of numbers to your website at an effective cost is the key to making and saving money for your business. Our method of keyword research is extensive and involves assessing thousands of possible terms over 10s of hours. We adopt a 5 stage process before deciding the keywords/terms to use for each campaign.

Ad Creation

We segment your products or services into groups and create ads for them with the relevant keywords, whether text, image or video. This is a very efficient method to manage a campaign as it is intended to reflect your channels of business. Good ad text is descriptive, has an offering and a call to action. Our image ads are designed by graphic professionals to ensure quality.

Campaign Pages

Whether using your main website or a specific campaign page; we spend time and effort as part of our service ensuring that we deliver PPC traffic to the most relevant part of your site. As a result of our campaign structure and keyword research, we create very tight and focused ad groups. This allow us to systematically allocate the most appropriate and relevant destination URLs to each individual keyword and ad text. The destination searchers land on after they click on one of your ads is an extremely important component of the PPC campaign and can have a very significant effect on the results achieved. From our agency experience, there is no side effect with running both a main website which concentrates on your overall commercial goals and a campaign site which concentrates on PPC traffic and has a very specific focus, we higly encourage this approach.

A/B Testing

As part of our agency service we create ad variations for the same keywords to understand what is performing and what is not. This process saves you money and increases the quality of your website visits. It is done by examining average position, frequency of ad visibilty and click through rate. Having better qualified ads leads to better mangament of your PPC campaign.


Every campaign is given time to run, allowing us to understand which keywords are working, how effective the budgeting is and if there are issues that need changing. Our objective is to reach the optimum Cost Per Acquisition so that you only pay for sales or leads rather than just clicks. Achieving this goal is highly effective for your advertising spend and ecuates to quality PPC managment.

Why Outsource

According IT Jobs Watch, the average salary of a PPC specialist is £30.000 per annum. Taking this into account, you will spend in excess of £30.000 a year if the task was kept 'in-house' as adverstising spend would also have to be added to your budget. Depending on your needs, outsourcing to Websta could be less than 50% of an annual salary for a PPC specialist. To add further, you will not be paying for one specialist but for a team of specialists with more experience and know-how. No bounes, no holiday pay, it makes business sense to outsource to a PPC agency.

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