SEO Site Audit

Protect Your Site From Technical Errors

Search Engine Optimisation

Broken links, slow responding servers, pages not found and more are all typical issues that can effect any site. Using our SEO audit tool you can stay on top of any problems and out perform competititon.

Run A Technical Audit

Get a detailed report about technical errors such as broken links, server response times and various issues that can negatively affect your search engine rankings; receive advice on how to fix them immediately.

Analyze and Fix Usability Issues

Analyse your website for embarrassing usability issues like inaccessible pages, missing images and slow pages. Usability glitches are a likely barrier to potential clients now; get easy-to-follow tips on how to solve the issues.

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SEO report tool.

Campaign Reports

Download professional technical site audit reports for yourself, clients and team members. Reports are available for all projects (websites) you are running. Keeping reports are important for analysing project performance and allow you to refer back to them to gain a historical understanding of your campaigns.

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Inside Websta's Technical SEO Tool

Have our tool analyse your entire site and produce an extensive report on all possible technical problems such as broken links, anchors, server issues and page-not-found errors.

Site Usability Checks

Run regular site usability checks to make sure there are no unwanted problems such as slow page load times, missing images or inaccessible pages.

How To Fix The Errors

Hover your mouse over a question mark next to a technical error or issue found on your site; you'll see easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix each issue.

Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly Scans

Automate your website audit checks with Websta's tool and feel reassured about usability issues or serious errors that may negatively affect your search engine rankings.